Sinbad GUI

Southern Rockies Consulting provides expertise in the thermal trajectory of high-altitude scientific research balloons. As part of that service, Southern Rockies Consulting also provides a graphical user interface to the computing module called Sinbad. Our special approach to running Sinbad simulations allows users to develop libraries of the components that affect a simulation, and then choose from those libraries to perform various studies. Those libraries are shown here.

Simulation Library: This library houses the collection of choices made for a specific simulation, including the Launch specification, Balloon specification, etc., as discussed below.

Balloon Library: This library houses specifications for different balloons, including volume and geometry, that can be used in simulations.

Film Library: In this library, you can develop and store for use different films for balloons to be tested.

Atmosphere Library: Through the Atmosphere Library, you can specify different environments in which the balloon flight might occur.

Launch Library: This library houses varous launch conditions that can be mixed and matched with other components in a simulation.

Auto-Ballaster Library: In this library, you can specify and store various ballasting algorithms or schedules and use them by reference in simulations.

Vents and Valves Library: This library contains various types of vents and valve options that can be applied to a simulation.

Sinbad GUI Licensing

To license your copy of the Sinbad GUI, email