Scott Runnels combines advanced modeling with extensive experience in delivering usable software. Packaging complex simulators in easy-to-use formats along with training and support is a unique service. Scott Runnels will support virtually any programming language, and will build or renovate software in line with your budget.

Scott Runnels has created and supports the following software packages:

  • Free-Flow -- Computational fluid dynamics
  • FET -- Finite element elasticity/viscoelasticity solver
  • VFab -- Virtual fab for run-to-run control algorithm testing.
  • Compass -- Equipment-scale wafer polishing simulator.
  • Mesa -- Pattern-scale wafer polishing simulator.
  • Plane-View -- Wafer-scale wafer polishing simulator.
  • Rendition -- Integrated circuit layout viewer.
  • Tiler -- Integrated circuity dummy fill creator.
  • VGPlot -- Visual Basic front-end for 3D plotting.



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