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A Tour of Mesa 4.4

Mesa's graphical user interface makes it easy for people with a variety of backgrounds to perform simple and advanced CMP simulations.

The user interacts with the Main Control Window set up the simulation.

and also run and view the results of the simulation:

2D or 3D patterns may be specified either by hand, using the point-and click interface...

...or by conversion of an existing 3D HRP scan:

The results of the simulation are displayed as TIR plots and also HRP-like scans:


Process engineers, hardware engineers, integration engineers, and circuit design engineers have all successfully used Mesa. Nothing can replace actually watching the pad begin to touch between features, observing how and when materials are cleared, and seeing how 3D patterns affect polish performance. Mesa provides this information in a physically realistic way -- the insight gained is difficult to achieve any other way.

The straightforward user interface, thorough documentation, and professional support will ensure that your staff is up and running right away, gaining insight for your company, and giving you a competitive edge in CMP.