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Semiconductor Manufacturing:

Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

  • 11 years of experience in developing multi-physics and compact models for CMP.
  • Over 300 pages of technical results developed for five leading-edge customers.
  • 7 hours of CMP modeling training materials for three venues.
  • Developer and tester of novel Run-to-Run control algorithms for Copper CMP.

Interconnect Reliability Analysis

  • SEM-based stereoimaging and probabilistic mechanics applied to the characterization of metal interconnects.
  • Leading of a cross-corporate promotional effort to develop a multi-year funded research effort for Southwest Research Institute(TM).


  • Thermal analysis of laser bonding for tape automated bonding.


  • Renovation, support, and training of software for modeling the effects of fire on tank cars.
  • Thermal and mechanical modeling.


High-Altitude Ballooning

  • Custom thermal analysis code for the heat sealing of polyethylene.
  • Modeling and testing of automated ballasting algorithm for long-duration flights.
  • Renovation of balloon design software.
  • Renovation of balloon thermal trajectory software.

Research and Development

  • Design and implementation of cross-corporate partnerships for technology development.
  • Conversion of simulation capabilities into decision-making tools.


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